Sunday, January 08, 2006

It is Different

It is different for the photographer. The writer or the painter - they begin with a blank sheet. Whether from the center or edges, letters or colors invade the void. These artists reach deeply inside to fill the blankness with themselves. The writer specifies the first through last words. He determines the rhythm and flow of the work. The painter selects colors and dictates composition. The writer and painter create their art. The work is of the artist.

It is different for a photographer. His medium is physical reality. He is the blank sheet. Unexposed film becomes the photographer's self. Through the camera, the photographer perceives the world: it fills him. The camera acts only to filter physical reality; to distort it; to make it palatable. Content is choreographed by fate, color is randomly distributed. In the end, it is the art that creates the photographer.

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